Guitar symbolizing Perstorp Green Penta Voxtar
is the “Rock Star” of renewables. It first hit the charts in 2010 as the world’s first renewable pentaerythritol (Penta). This pro-environment polyol has become a trendsetter and true legend being able to shrink carbon footprints by up to 80%. Its colorful performance on stage makes it a hit all over the world. Just plug it into your existing process, sit back and listen to the music!

Perstorp is leading the world in Pro-Environment Polyols and is the only company with all three essential polyols – Voxtar™ (Penta), Evyron™ (TMP) & Neeture™ (Neo) - available in renewable or partly renewable grades. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint at a stroke all three polyols offer drop-in solutions. They are produced from renewable or partly renewable sourced material and in 2018 they will all be processed using renewable electricity.

Voxtar™ comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades, which can reduce carbon footprint with up to 80%. Voxtar™ is based on a certified mass balance concept and the products comes with a certificate, Proof of Sustainability, ensuring a traceability of raw material to the country or origin, as well as ensuring it has been sustainably sourced. Voxtar™ is perfect for customers who want Resins, Coatings, Synthetic Lubricants and Rosin Esters based on renewable raw material and with a very low carbon footprint.

Voxtar™, Evyron™ & Neeture™ are designed to give you the choice to go pro-environmental today.

Descriptions and grades

Voxtar™ comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades which reduces the carbon footprint with up to 80%.


Alkyd resins, Liquid polyesters, Powder polyesters, Radiation curing, Aviation turbine oils, Transformer oils and Refrigeration lubricants. 

Technical specification

Technical specification, product data sheets and Safety data sheets is available already now, but will be updated after ISCC certification in January 2018.

ISCC Certificate

ISCC Certificate for our products; Voxtar™ M100, Voxtar™ M50, Voxtar™ T100, Voxtar™ T50, Voxtar™ D100, Voxtar™ D50 will be available for download upon sales start in January 2018.

Sample request

Samples are availble for request, find your Voxtar grade and go to the product page >>


Introducing Pro-Environment Polyols

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