Perstorp Information policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors of Perstorp Holding AB (publ) on February 27, 2013

1 Introduction

Perstorp Holding AB (publ), (Perstorp), is a public company with corporate bonds listed on the Luxemburg exchange. Perstorp is obliged to follow the listing agreement it has signed along with other laws and statutes that are applicable for public companies in Sweden and Luxemburg.

Good relations are developed through communication and by creating a constructive dialogue between individuals internally and externally. For Perstorp, communication is an important instrument that enables us to achieve established targets, to implement decisions and gain support for them and to encourage participation and commitment within the company. Communication must be an integrated and natural part of the business. The purpose of this information policy is to secure good quality of both internal and external communication.

The policy was approved by Perstorp’s Board of Directors, on February 27, 2013 and is published on Perstorp’s website, and in the Group’s management system.

2 Key principles & scope

All communication shall follow four basic principles:

Active - To ensure that information about Perstorp is accurate and up-to-date, communication must be proactive as far as possible, be initiated by Perstorp and be released to all interested parties at the same time

Open - Openness shall characterize all communication activities

Correct - To ensure that people trust Perstorp, communication must be correct, reliable and adapted to the receiver

Holistic - A holistic approach should be taken for all communication, with full collaboration from all departments to ensure that the best interests of the company are served

All information that can be considered to affect the value of the company and thereby the value of the corporate bonds (price-sensitive information) must be published without delay in a press release and distributed to the Luxemburg exchange, established news outlets and national newspapers. The same information shall also be published immediately on the company’s website and intranet.

The communication policy applies to the parent company of the Perstorp Group, Perstorp Holding AB, and all subsidiaries of the Group.

3 Interested parties

The following groups have been identified as key targets for receiving information about the Perstorp Group:

- Employees of the company
- Customers and potential customers
- Securities exchange and financial markets
- Holders and potential holders of corporate bonds in the company
- Future employees of the company
- Suppliers and partners and future suppliers and partners
- Inspection authorities
- The general public and communities close to Perstorp’s production sites
- The media and opinion makers

4 Perstorp’s profile

The Perstorp Identity Manual is the handbook for branding activities. It contains a series of basic elements which when combined with each other form a uniform image of Perstorp. These elements are the corporate brand, colors, fonts, images and {brackets}.

5 Communication channels

- Press releases
- Annual report, Year-end report and interim reports
- Sales support materials
- Exhibitions & events
- Perstorp’s public website,
- E-newsletters
- Perstorp’s intranet
- In-house journals
- Social media

6 Corporate language

English is the corporate language of the Perstorp Group and all information at corporate level must be available in English. As necessary, and where possible, communication shall be in the language of the person receiving information.

7 Responsibility & organization

The President and CEO of Perstorp has the ultimate responsibility for the communication activities of the Perstorp Group. Operational responsibility is primarily delegated to Corporate Communications, with activities directed towards banks, financial markets and investors delegated to Investor Relations.

The President has assigned Corporate Communications with the responsibility for the production of the communication policy, corporate information activities and coordination of communication matters.

Each subsidiary manages its local communication activities with support provided centrally by Corporate Communications.

Corporate Communications has responsibility for strategic communication matters.

The President, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations or any individual appointed by them, such as a business area manager, site manager or specialist, may be a spokesperson on corporate issues and other issues that may affect the views of the general public regarding Perstorp.

Factual questions about an individual site or activity may be answered by the individual employee with the most detailed knowledge of the subject, in consultation with Corporate Communications and the immediate superior manager.

Corporate Communications & Investor Relations have the following shared assignments:

- Supplying Perstorp’s interested parties with financial and other relevant information
- Producing the annual report and interim reports
- Monitoring publicity of a financial nature, providing feedback to executives and the Board and giving support to executives in key business and communication decisions
- Maintaining and developing the Group’s websites with regard to financial information

8 Price-sensitive information

Information that senior executives consider to have an influence on the valuation of Perstorp shall be published without delay via a press release. Price-sensitive information includes the following:

- Material orders, significant business agreements or major investments received or performed by the parent company or by subsidiaries
- Interim reports, financial statements and the annual report
- Decisions to acquire or sell a business of substantial size

Prior to the publication of interim reports or the annual report there will be a quiet period of one month. During this quiet period there will be no meetings with investors or analysts and no comments may be made about Perstorp’s financial development.

Perstorp wishes to handle questions received regarding our financial status and communication in such a fashion that we fulfill all rules and regulations and at the same time serve the needs of our investors. All questions received are, on a scheduled basis, handled by a committee making sure that measured and equal answers are given to all inquirers.

Employees of the Perstorp Group shall observe the internal confidentiality requirements that have been established to prevent the spread of unpublished price-sensitive information.

Confidentiality agreements shall be reached with external consultants and partners who have access to unpublished price-sensitive information.

Trading in bonds listed on the Luxemburg exchange does not fall within the jurisdiction of the notification requirement of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Perstorp does however maintain a register of individuals with insider information. The list is published on Perstorp’s intranet and is updated without delay.

Corporate Communications and Investor Relations regularly monitor discussion forums and news sites in order to follow and identify statements about Perstorp and their sources.

Rumors and speculation shall be answered as follows: “Our policy is not to comment on speculation.” If price-sensitive information is leaked, senior executives shall make an assessment about which measures shall be implemented.

9 Procedures for handling price-sensitive information

Corporate Communications has responsibility for ensuring that price-sensitive information in the form of press releases, interim reports and annual reports is distributed without delay to:

The Luxemburg exchange
Selected media
Subscribers to Perstorp’s communication including investors
The same information shall be published simultaneously on Perstorp’s website and intranet.

Material orders, significant business agreements or other price-sensitive information shall be published in a press release by Corporate Communications on behalf of the Perstorp Group. Details about the identity of the customer, the value of the order and its scope shall be announced only if agreed with the customer.

Comments about press releases may be made by the President, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations or any individual quoted in the press release.

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