Capa™ 4101 for tough conditions

Joel Neale
Joel Neale
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+44 192 559 10 89

Capa wind power

Surviving tough conditions with functionality 4.0

Capa™ 4101 is the ultimate polyol for industrial coatings that need to last in the toughest conditions. Even in the coldest weather conditions, Capa™ ensures that the coating remains flexible, scratch resistant and tough. This makes Capa™ 4101 perfect in coatings for airplanes, windmills and automotive industries. For customers this means that service intervals can be prolonged which saves maintenance cost and downtime.  


The techie inside…

Capa™ 4101 is a unique polyester polyol with 4.0 functionality with 4 reactive groups which enables a denser network resulting in an extremely tough product with excellent chemical resistance and outstanding durability. On top of this it is a liquid and solvent free polyol which can help to reduce the VOC of the final coating. 


What functionality 4.0 brings

Illustration of Capa functionality

Performance advantages
  1. Extremely low temperatures
  2. Impact resistance
  3. Chemical resistance
  4. Solvent free polyol
Business advantages
  1. Enables longer time between service intervals which shortens downtime and lowers maintenance cost

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