Capa™ in adhesives

Jesper Fahlen
Jesper Fahlen
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+46 40 635 88 59

Capa for AdhesivesSecuring surface-to-surface success

Give Capa™ a sticky challenge, and it will rise to it. Capa™ thermoplastics ensure you have no problem in getting excellent adhesion to difficult substrates. And when you bond with Capa™ polyols you bond securely, even in tough and humid conditions.

Getting like-for-like substrates to adhere can be a challenge, which only increases when different surfaces are used. Add to this demanding application conditions, and it quickly becomes clear that high performance adhesives must focus on fast, even and complete surface coverage for the best results. Securing surface-to-surface success also depends on a reliable and robust bond that has the ability to weather the environment and purpose the product or part is used for.

Capa™ plays a vital role in improving both the adhesion and bonding process of adhesives. The end result is it minimizes joint failures to give the product or part a trouble-free life, whether the substrate is textile, wood, metal or plastic.

Processing advantages
For formulators and converters Capa™ is easy to process and easy to apply helping to minimize processing costs, and time taken to apply adhesives. The low processing temperature in particular ensures speed and efficiency as well as reduced energy costs. Perstorp offers global supply capacity and availability as well as consistent quality.

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