Securing surface-to-surface success

Adhesive formulas with superior adhesion, bonding & durability

Perstorp’s comprehensive portfolio allows adhesive producers to improve and fine-tune the properties of their hot-melt, reactive hot-melt and liquid PU adhesives. Our product toolbox solves key adhesive requirements across a broad spectrum of market applications, such as in packaging, transport, shoes, metal, electronics and construction.  In particular Capa™ thermoplastics and polyols plus the innovative new Capa™ Lactides copolymers offer significant performance advantages in adhesion, bonding, durability and sustainability. Key properties can be boosted, such as high green strength as well as increasing the sustainability profile of the adhesive.   

Fine-tuned performance properties for every surface 

Securing surface-to-surface success depends on a reliable and robust bond that has the ability to weather the environment and purpose the product or part is used for.  Capa™ and Capa™Lactides play a vital role in improving both the adhesion and bonding process of adhesives. The end result is minimal joint failures to give the product or part an extended trouble-free life, whether the substrate is textile, wood, metal or plastic.

Sustainable and flexible solutions

Responding to major trends for more sustainable, lighter and flexible solutions Capa™ and Capa Lactides™ help to extend product life, provide solvent free or low VOC formulations.  Flexibility at low temperatures also ensures joints do not fracture, which extends a products life with minimal maintenance.
Business advantages
  1. Premium products to create superior adhesives
  2. Logistics solutions and trustworthy supply
  3. Improved environmental profile
Performance advantages
  1. Exceptional strength and durability
  2. Penetrates even difficult substrates, such as leather
  3. Excellent bonding and highly resistant properties extend the useful life of the adhesive
Subsegments within Adhesives

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