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Pernilla Blackenfelt
Pernilla Blackenfelt
Product Manager BU BioFuels
BXN & Glycerine
+46 303 728 877
Sofia Fagerberg
Sofia Fagerberg
Product Manager BU BioFuels
Verdis Polaris™

Fast climate advantages

Perstorp BioCaleo™ is bioenergy oil that allows you to quickly and easily switch to sustainable heating. By choosing Perstorp BioCaleo™ instead of fossil fuel oil you can instantly halve your carbon emissions. Since the biofuel can be used directly in your existing oil fired boilers conversion costs are minimal. Perstorp BioCaleo™ also has several other advantages:

  • Energy and CO2 - tax-exempt 
  • Requires no reporting of usage
  • EN 14214 - always the same grade, viscosity, energy content and low water content 

Safe operation without worries 

Perstorp BioCaleo™ maintains a very high and consistent quality, providing trouble-free operation without clogging and a stable shelf life of up to 12 months. Perstorp BioCaleo™ is also biodegradable and "non-classified", so it is simple and safe to handle and store. The fuel remains liquid down to -11 °C and down to -20 ° C with winter additive, and therefore requires no preheating.

Leading production technology

Biofuels from Perstorp are produced in our ultra-modern factories in Stenungsund, Sweden and Fredrikstad, Norway. For the production of Perstorp BioCaleo™ we use a world-leading technology licensed from BDI. This guarantees the product has a recognized very high quality. 

Safe complete solution 

When selecting Perstorp BioCaleo™ you are also choosing a reliable partnership with Perstorp, either directly through our distributors or us. Our complete solution includes advice before refueling, the supply of fuel together with full servicing, ensuring that you have access to sustainable heating whenever you need it. 

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