Developing winning coating formulas for added performance and sustainability

Innovative polyols and intumescents for performance driven coatings

The essence of Perstorp’s offer for coating formulators is to create safer and more sustainable solutions. Our specialty products, such as Capa™ polyols add significant value to the end properties of 1K and 2K coatings making them longer lasting and more sustainable. Our Charmor™ polyols are the essential carbon source for intumescent systems to keep people and property safe. You can also increase productivity with our oxetane, and flexibility with our Capa™ polyols to extend the performance range of your cationic UV formulations. Perstorp’s coating offer is completed with premium coalescing agents for paint.

More sustainable and longer lasting coatings

Perstorp is the undisputed market leader in Capa™ polycaprolactones technology and supply. With our knowledge we help you to reduce VOC and achieve coating formulations that offer unmatched durability even in the toughest environments.  Our aim is always help you to reduce the use of solvents, and extend the life of coatings. In this way you can contribute to the improved sustainability of coatings for a better environmental profile, and help to reduce maintenance and servicing costs.

Improve your coating formulations with a trustworthy global partner

We are a world leader in the specialty chemicals that we focus on. With a significant global presence in all markets and a high level of technical support we can help formulators in their development of both existing and new formulations. Our flexibility and reliability of supply make us a trustworthy partner in industrial and architectural performance coatings.

Business Advantages
  1. Innovation around sustainability and low VOC
  2. Technical and development support to improve formulations
  3. Extending the lifetime of coatings
Performance Advantages
  1. Best-in-class durability
  2. Improved safety through superior intumescent systems
  3. Boosting properties to secure more advanced functionalities

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