Inhibiting bacteria and promoting gut health for profitable pig production

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Geert Wielsma
Geert Wielsma
VP Business Development Animal Nutrition
+31 652 023 439

The past 40 years have seen a rapid growth in pig production with over 100 million tons of pork produced in 2012. Pig production has transformed from the traditional farming system into professional large-scale operations. Pig nutrition has played a vital role in this rapid development, and additives, such as acidifiers, have been one of the pillars of the growth in efficiency.

Perstorp produces a wide range of organic acid molecules and has been formulating high quality, user-friendly acidifiers for decades. We also offer products with high antibacterial properties – ProPhorce™ PH and ProPhorce™ BD. These products help you to control problems with pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella and Clostridium. ProPhorce™ SR is one of our latest innovations: specific release butyric acid with no odor issues. It promotes gut health and as such animal performance. Last but not least we offer a full range of enzymes under the ProFare™ brand name.

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