Making biopolymers the performance plastics of choice for a more sustainable future

Excellent biopolymer performance enhancers

Jesper Fahlen
Jesper Fahlen
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+46 40 635 88 59
Perstorp is the world technology leader in caprolactones and offers you a unique combination of knowledge, expertise, plant & test facilities. Bioplastics is a focus area for Perstorp. It is an important part of our commitment to the environment and our vision for a more sustainable future. We believe in the dynamic bioplastic market which is still young and fast-growing, and is looking for new innovations. With the major growth in the packaging sector our resources are ideally suited to support these three segments; bags and films, rigid packaging and paper coatings.

Polycaprolactones (PCLs) are known for their compatibility with many types of polymers, including biopolymers. PCLs have excellent biodegradability properties, which can enhance properties of biopolymers and create unique product characteristics. With our offer we can improve existing bioplastic solutions, extend the use of biopolymers and provide you with an excellent toolbox to create competitive and more sustainable products.

Advanced polymer development lab for best- in-class support for your needs

We have the resources to develop and test your concept and scale up production to an industrial level by the dedicated experienced teams at our:

  • full industrial production and pilot facilities in the UK

  • modern innovation center for bioplastic formulations in Sweden

Application areas

bioplastics biobased fossilbased non biodegradeable biodegradable
Business Advantages
  1. Global reliable supplier offering high performing products
  2. Broad expertise from several markets giving best support to enable introduction of bioplastic solutions
  3. More than 40 years of experience in Caprolactone Chemistry
Performance advantages
  1. Improves mechanical properties for greater durability in bioplastic solutions
  2. Excellent biodegradability combined with unique product stability
  3. High product quality and certified compostable
Processing advantages
  1. Easy to process and formulate
  2. Very broad processing window and good compatibility
  3. Multiple use as processing aid and performance enhancer

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