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David Engberg
David Engberg
Product Manager
+46 406 358 865

We know that it is very challenging to succeed in the plastic packaging business. Choosing the optimal plastic material to work with for the future is a great part of this challenge. The material needs to be high performance, sustainable, safe and perhaps most importantly, cost competitive.

To address these challenges we are now offering a new product to the world, in the range of thermoplastic polyesters called Akestra™.

Akestra™ has a heat resistance superior to PET making it excellent in for example hot food service and hot fill applications. The sparkling transparency makes it stand out on-the-shelf and gives that high quality feel that will lift up any brand. As Akestra™ is completely safe for all types of food contact applications brand owners can also feel 100% secure in serving their products, hot as well as cold, in Akestra™. 

Thanks to its similarities with PET when it comes to processing, with Akestra™ you can use your PET-production lines without any investments. This enables you to offer an innovative alternative to polycarbonate, polystyrene and even glass.

Fire classification sticker Akestra Perstorp

Food contact certification sticker Perstorp's Akestra

Business advantages
  1. Shelf stand-out
  2. Sustainable: Can be combined with up to 80% of recycled PET, increasing the performance of PET
  3. Appealing and safe packaging
Performance advantages
  1. Unique heat resistant plastic
  2. Safe for food contact
  3. Glass like and appealing look
Process advantages
  1. Utilize existing PET co-extrusion lines
  2. No investment required
  3. Easy processing
  4. Recycling of skeletal waste
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