Project Valerox

Lars Lind
Lars Lind
Vice President, BU Biofuels
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Project Valerox – Investing in the future of high performance & safe plasticizers

Perstorp’s largest investment ever – Project Valerox – is nearing completion. It will make Perstorp one of only two fully integrated European suppliers of plasticizers, as well as boosting the plasticizer capacity up to an impressive 150 000MT. In combination with several logistics centers around Europe this will give Perstorp customers fast access to high performance, sustainable and cost effective plasticizers. 

Perstorp - a dynamic and innovative leader in plasticizers
The new state-of-the-art plant at Stenungsund, in Sweden will define Perstorp as a dynamic and innovative European leader in plasticizers. Lars Lind, the Global Project Manager comments: “This investment really gives Perstorp a significant market position in plasticizers, and being fully integrated it means we can offer our customers a level of reliability, consistency and customization that our competitors will find hard to match.” 

Plasticizers designed for outdoor and indoor applications
The plant will produce two ranges of general purpose plasticizers suited to cables, roofing membranes, automotive foils, flooring and other sensitive applications.

Emoltene™ 100 is designed for outdoor applications where flexibility and durability are required to meet the toughest conditions in cables, wires, roofing membranes and automotive. Emoltene™ 100 versatility enables extruders and PVC manufacturers to achieve the precise performance characteristics they desire.

Pevalen™ is an innovative true non-phthalate plasticizer especially created to meet the safety and performance requirements of indoor PVC applications such as flooring and coated fabrics where it excels adding unbeatable softness and UV stability. In addition to the plasticizers valeric acid and 2PH will also be produced. 

Swedish roots & sustainability
Project Valerox is also a great example of Swedish innovation in sustainable and process solutions with the new production platform being built to the highest environmental and safety standards. This extends to the plasticizers too, which are safe and sustainable in their profiles.

“The Valerox project will give us Europe’s newest and most competitive plasticizer production platform, and represents a clear signal of our commitment to the European market", concludes Lars Lind, Global Project Manager.

Learn more about how your company can benefit from the most competitive plasticizer platform in Europe >>  

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