One molecule can change everything!

Welcome to our Pro-Environment Polyol hub. Here you will find out everything you need to know about our Pro-Environment Polyols and how our commitment is contributing to a more sustainable future. Find out how our new portfolio can change everything for you.

We’d like to help you go pro-environmental

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% at a stroke, explore more sustainable solutions or find out the business advantages of our Pro-Environment Polyols you’ve landed on the right webpage. We’re here to help you achieve a better result for your business and, of course, for the planet.

Perstorp is leading the world in Pro-Environment Polyols for Resins, Coatings, and Synthetic Lubricants. We are the only company that can offer all three essential base polyols – Penta, TMP, Neo –in renewable grades, under the names Voxtar™ (Penta), Evyron™ (TMP) and Neeture™ (Neo).

You’ll get pure innovation and pure advantages with us as your partner. Our commitment extends to helping you develop your pro-environment solutions giving you a competitive edge. We are dedicated to our pro-enviromnent products and ensure you get supply priority at all times.

Introducing Pro-Environment Polyols

Explaining mass balance

Application areas within Resins

Alkyd resins Liquid polyesters Powder Polyesters radiation curing 


Application areas within Synthetic Lubricants

Pro-Environment Polyols Aviation turbine oils Transformer oils Refrigeration lubricants

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