Resources management

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones
Environment & Sustainability Manager
+1 419 392 2499

Energy 2015 (2014)

Total energy use: 2321 (2108) GWh. Total energy use per ton: 1.45 (1.32) MWh per ton  

The Perstorp, Sweden production site produced 688 (689) GWh of energy, of which 259 (249) GWh – 38% (36%) – consisted of energy from renewable fuels. Perstorp's Swedish production units have supplied district heating to their respective municipalities, as well as steam to other companies within Perstorp Industrial Park at the Perstorp site. A total of 170 (174) GWh has been supplied.

Of the company's self-produced energy 14% (15%) comes from renewable fuel.

Raw materials & auxiliary chemicals 2015 (2014)

• Total consumption of raw materials: 2009 (1897) kton

Perstorp uses a large volume of chemical raw materials in its processes – for example, methanol, propylene and natural gas. These are refined into products, some of which – such as formaldehyde and butyraldehyde – constitute important ingredients in Perstorp's further processing chain.

The Group seeks to deliver as much as possible in bulk in order to reduce the amount of packaging material.

Water 2015 (2014)

• Total water consumption: 21.7 (19.6) Mm3

Of total consumption, 17.0 (14.8) Mm3 was surface water, 3.6 (3.8) Mm3 groundwater, 0.7 (0.7) Mm3 municipal supply and 0.3 (0.2) Mm3 supply from other external sources. Of the total volume, about 18 (16) Mm3 was used as cooling water without being contaminated.

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