Sustainable solutions through innovative chemicals

At Perstorp, we take our role in society very seriously. We bring our values - respect for the environment, the rights of people, ethical behaviors and transparency - to every aspect of our business, everywhere we do business. We constantly strive to improve our impact on the planet.

Sustainability is a way of conducting our business so that humans and nature can exist in “productive harmony”. We know that the decisions we make today, in every aspect of our business, affect future generations. This responsibility to the future guides our every action.

We must push ourselves and our value chains into the circular economy by using more “wastes” as raw materials and fuels, while developing the renewable resources needed to support our present and future platforms. As the only constant is the promise of change, we must continually review our priorities and make certain that we are on the right path.

Perstorp has developed a metric which uses product Life-Cycle assessments to score each of our products on a common scale, while guiding us toward specific improvement activities relevant for each product platform.  This Product Sustainability Index is now being used to evaluate all of our products and determine where we need to focus our sustainability efforts.  By looking at multiple indicators simultaneously, we can ensure that changes we make to improve one aspect will not have a negative effect on another.

For details on environmental performance, including impacts, emissions, EHS expenditures and management of resources, see the latest Perstorp Sustainability Report>>

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